Special Events by Jack

Our  events in Stockbridge happen at least every year but sometimes it happens just once or twice. Our events that happen yearly are sports day  ( an afternoon  that is all about races and sports. You would go in your coloured families and try and win the trophy.)  There is also Young Voices  a combination of thousands of children who sing  songs and melodies. We also have residentials  where you stay  at a fun  venue for a couple of nights doing fun activities such as  ringoing, hiking, ski-ing, sailing, canoing, climbing and much more. Our main events are the school play, we have a year R to year 2 nativity and a Year 4 to year 6 play for the last play for the year 6’s

Previously we have had a talent show for anyone to show their skills from singing to dancing to music to other special abilities. Football tournaments and other sports competition often take place too. We go to other schools for netball, basketball and running competitions. Our most common are to do with drawing, especially on Halloween, Christmas and Easter.

Do you have any special events? If you do what is your favourite?


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