The Bengal Tiger


In our literacy we have been developing our skills of creating cohesion within a paragraph by using adverbials and pronouns.

Lerryn’s writing about the life cycle of a Bengal tiger does exactly that.  Leave her a message to let her know your thoughts.

A Bengal tiger has their own territory and will only leave when it is ready to mate.  A female, when ready to have young, will be more vocal and her scent will change.  They will only leave their territory when wanting to mate with another.

A female tiger will have her young in her womb for four months.  Eventually, she will give birth to a litter of four to six cubs.  When born cubs are blind, weak and helpless and they are totally dependent on their mother’s milk.  Between birth and leaving the mother wil teache them to hunt, fight and mark their territory.  At the age of three they will leave their parents and will find their own territory.



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