Performing at the O2!

Wow!!! The atmosphere was awesome, It was the best day of our lives. As we walked into the O2 we could feel the excitement of over 7000 children building; this was Young Voices 2017.

After an afternoon rehearsing the lights went down, everyone screamed and shouted and the concert began. We danced to Justin Timberlake, we danced with a funky groove, we danced all night!   During the evening, we enjoyed the amazing opportunity to sing along with a live band, musicians, professional singers and dancers. It was a mind blowing, once in a life time, experience.


One thought on “Performing at the O2!

  1. It was the best time of my life. Everyone was screaming and shouting when the lights went down. It was a tiring day but after a afternoon rehearsal we started the concert and at the end of a awesome performance we went home and slept the whole way back.

    For year 3s and 4s next year take in the moment and where you are because it is a once in a lifetime experience


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