Our small school information

We have a class pet called Flash.  It is an African Land snail but we live in the UK.

Do you have a class pet?  If you do, what is it and what is it called?

We have lots of clubs.  On Monday we have football, on Tuesday we have street dance, construction, art and craft and recorder clubs.  On Wednesday we have golf and gardening.  On Thursday we have knitting, tennis and blogging.  Everyday you can go to breakfast club and then clubhouse after school.

What clubs do you have?  If you go to a club, which do you enjoy the most?

|Our classes are called Sprat and \Winkle, Redbridge, Horsebridge, Clatford and Mottisfont.  These are all named after train stations.

Do your classes have names?  What class are you in?

By  Reuben, Daisy, Lucas, Luca, Reuben, Alfie, Zack, Joshua, Mary, Evie and Miss T



One thought on “Our small school information

  1. We used to have school rabbits called Percy and sparkle. They were named that as part of our school motto is persevere and sparkle.

    We have lots of different clubs including football, netball, craft club, choir, cookery, basketball, Chinese, hockey and we do rounders in the summer. We also have a breakfast club and an after school club. My favourite clubs are netball and football.

    We have 2 classes for each year, they are all named after different Cornish beaches. I am in year six and our 2 classes are called Hemmick and Polzeath.

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