Success at Rounders

On Thursday the 25th  May a few elected year fives and six’s went up to Test valley, to compete in a rounders tournament against six other schools. We had a disadvantage because we were short of players. We came joint first with Broughton, but then it came down to how many people were out. Victory was ours! We had come 1st place, we were 2017  Test Valley primary school champions!!!!! By James, Harley and Kiki

Glee Club by Faith

In glee club we have been learning the song called happy and we are going to perform it in the talent show on Friday the 9 of June. We are going to dance and sing and I have been  trying really hard. We Are going to find a new song to sing for next glee club and maybe to dance as well.

Writing showcase

It’s another winning week for Redbridge.  This week Jack D has had his writing nominated for the special 100wc showcase.  The prompt was the phrase ‘the water just kept gushing’ and Jack has created a dramatic piece around this in just 100 words.  You can read it here.  Don’t forget to comment on Jack’s writing once you have read it, we’d love to hear what you think.


Boys in year 5 and 6 went to Wallop school and competed in a football tournament against 6 teams. Even though we were getting tired and wet we persevered all the way through t o the end and got fantastic results out of all 6 teams overall we came 3rd. Striker was Jack right wing was Lewis left wing was Rowan left back was James right back was Max goal keeper was Harley and substitutes was Evie and Jack. Overall we worked hard and had fun.


Talent Show

This week saw the annual ‘Stockbridge has Talent’.  We were represented by Beth and Kiki singing ‘For those about to rock again’, this was also the song of choice of Rowan, Ryan and Lewis.  Alex was great as a magician, sharing card tricks and attempting to cut off Sammy’s finger!  Well done to everyone for their great performances and especially to the girls who made it through to the finals.

Basket Ball success

This week five pupils from Redbridge class represented the school in the annual inter-schools basketball tournament.  Kiki, Lerryn, Rowan, Jack and Lewis played 6 matches in total, winning all but 2.  It was incredibly close and they lost on basket difference and came second overall.  Excellent teamwork from all five was evident along with determination and strategic thinking, well done!


This week we ended our Planet earth topic with a day out at Marwell Zoo.  Despite the rain we had a fascinating day and learnt loads about penguins, did you know that the Humbolt penguin lives on the southwest coast of South America and are one of the few birds to not have hollow bones.

For most of us the highlight was watching the antics of the macaques chasing each other and enjoying the brief spell when the rain stopped.

At the end of the day we had a thoughtful discussion on the purpose of zoos and the morality of keeping animals in captivity.  What do you think?

Award winning writers

The last two weeks has seen two more members of our class being selected for the 100 word challenge showcase.

faith’s super writing that was inspired by a picture of a group of stranded boats can be found here.

And Cara has been selected for the second time, her super writing can be read here.  She has to include the phrase ….the noise was so loud…..

Congratulations  to both girls.  Do take time to visit and leave them comments.

Performing at the O2!

Wow!!! The atmosphere was awesome, It was the best day of our lives. As we walked into the O2 we could feel the excitement of over 7000 children building; this was Young Voices 2017.

After an afternoon rehearsing the lights went down, everyone screamed and shouted and the concert began. We danced to Justin Timberlake, we danced with a funky groove, we danced all night!   During the evening, we enjoyed the amazing opportunity to sing along with a live band, musicians, professional singers and dancers. It was a mind blowing, once in a life time, experience.