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Zahra the poor village girl

Zahra realized that the leaves of  the only tree in the village were falling like sparkling snow  falling out of the sky. Resiliently, she rushed over to her grandmother’s house to find the biggest pot in the kitchen cupboard. After that she ran over to the  old water pump , which was faraway from grans house to fill up the  heavy pot. Then  she sprinted  to the  dying tree and poured it on its rough roots.

The second leaf softly fell off the old tree. So the poor girl ran back and forth to the water pump to get more and more water into the heavy pot, which kept dragging her to the crumbling hard ground.

Zahra rushed over to the village water pump  to get more and more water. ”oh no” squealed  Zahra “there’s no water left disaster!”

After that she slowly walked over to the tree.  Some of her sweat falls off her head onto the rough roots of the tree and the poo girl fainted under the old tree.  Her pot suddenly crashed to the ground.  Finally the tree turned purple and grew really big and it starts to give shade to Zahra and flowers grow all around the tree but mainly all around Zahra.


The Ethiopin berry tree by Rosy

Zahra  and the Ethiopian berry tree

In a little African village under the burning sun a girl, called Zahra, saw a dying tree .The tree couldn’t survive in the flaming African sun. She ran to her grandmother’s hut to fetch the biggest pot she could find and filled it up with the water from the pump .

She was determined to save the tree she pumped and pumped. Then she ran to the tree.

Eventually  she ran out of water and one delicate sparkling drop fell in to the pot . She was resilient and didn’t stop.

She reached the dying tree and “CRASH” as she drops the clay pot .A little drop of sweat trickles down her forehead “THUMP” as Zahra hits the ground.

Her sweat fell on the dusty ground and the tree starts to grow and grow and soon she is surrounded by plants .The tree shelters her from the scorching sun.


In the African blazing sun a girl called Zahra stood looking at a dying tree in the centre of her village. Leaves started to fall off the dying tree. At once Zahra’s legs took off to the water pump. When she got back to her tree another leaf took off into the sky.At once she poured water on to the dying tree. Nothing happened to the tree. Once more she took off to the water pump and trudged back to the tree. She watered it…. Nothing happened. She went back one last time but it only gave a precious little drop of water.  Zahra trudged back to the slowly dying tree. Finally when she got back she fainted. crash! As the pot thumps on the rock solid ground. But as she falls a drop of sweat trickles down her forehead and landed on the base of the tree and the tree sprang to life giving Zahra shade. by Cameron  

christopher writing

         Zahra and the dying tree                                                                                                                                      As the scorched leaf glided to the ground in the African sun, Zahra skipped with delicate drops of water, as she poured the scaly water another leaf drifted over the rocky hills. Zahra desperately ran down the roasted path with determination to save the precious tree.

Desperately, she ran up and down the sizzling path but the tree was getting weaker and weaker by the minuet, but she never gave up. Slouching to the water pump, another leaf floated away in the distance. As she forced the water pump up and down, only one delicate sparkling drop shimmered in the bottom of the bowl. “Precious” thought Zahra, as she spluttered towards the tree.

As the last leaf drifted away, she finally reached the tree but it was too late. CRASH! As the pot thumps to the ground. Exhausted, she falls on the tree. As she did a bit of sweat falls from her head. As she falls asleep, the sweat falls on the trees roots, immediately the tree started blooming, the tree surrounds her with shade, flowers come out of know where. She got so comfortable she fell into a deep sleep.                

my story by George

Zahra and the dying tree

In the scorching African sun there was a Mopani tree that lived far up a rock base. 300 yards away from Zahra’s village  . Suddenly  when she was having a drink she looked up at her tree only to see the fine leaves of the Mopani tree falling to the scorched dry sandy bed.

All ready exhausted by the heat of the African sun she ran back and forth getting tired by the second.   After six wipes of the her eyes she had to come to believe that she had run out of water . But then there was a shinning drop of holy water. Zahra trudged back up the hill to the Mopani tree . Her vision went all blurry….

Crash as the pot crashes to the ground .Suddenly Zahra fainted. As   she fainted a drop sweat fell from her head.

Blooming the tree surrounds her shading her from the African sun.But how long will the tree survive for this time ?


Zahra and the dying tree

Falling ever so delicately, under the African sun, in a dried out village, one of the last three leaves fell down onto the shimmering desert and sandy ground. As Zahra the saw the dying tree she felt it was her destiny to save it.

Instantly Zahra started to sprint to the rusty, old and stiff water pump and strongly, yet resiliently, pushed and heaved on it. Shimmering water poured out through the water pump and travelled into her mother’s priceless and decorative pot. Then she lugged it all the way up to the ramp that led up to the dying tree.

As Zahra, the little girl, entered the ramp she was moving so fast that she looked as if she was running as though her life may have depended on it. She poured the water onto the ground hoping that the tree roots could maybe somehow suck it up but by the time it had sunk into the ground that low it would have evaporated because of the murderous and blazing sun. Zahra froze and waited but there was no result. Although nothing had happened she had started this impossible mission but she was determined to finish it with success.

Zahra ran back and forth to the weakening tree pouring gallons of water on it, after about twenty trips Zahra fell dicey and exhausted she made last trip and nothing had come out the water pump and that meant there was no more water. Zahra carried the precious drop of water. But she fell even decoyer she dropped the pot and fainted but one drop of sizzling sweat dripped onto the ground.

Suddenly the tree started to grow and, grow, and grow until it was at least 10 ft. tall. Then amazingly all of the mysterious branches covered the little girl and she fell into a mood lifting and joyful dream…  

my story HF

In a tiny village on the edge of the great Sahara desert a tree is struggling   to survive, but a girl called Zahra is trying to keep the tree alive. She is using her own water, but the tree might not make it, every time she try’s the hotter the sun is. Zahra is doing four things a minute, pump water, walk to tree, pour the water and walk back to the pump. Then one time pumping Zahra has only a drop of water, by the time she got to the tree the water already evaporated and the bowl was empty. It’s so hot then a drip of sweat came off Zahra head and on to the ground, suddenly Zahra flailed to the ground and the tree began to grow also went purple and shaded Zahra so she can get some sleep and flowers and blossom grow around.

Zahra’s Magical Tree

Deep in Africa where the sun shines at its highest everything was silent until…Zahra came shooting out of her home to check on her tree. As Zahra arrived at the tree she noticed that leaves were groggily falling off the branch. That was it Zahra ran into her kitchen grabbed the biggest bowl she could find put it under the water pump and started pumping away and poured  the water on the tree but nothing happened. She did this 50 times in the blazing sun. Finally her stammer slowed down she walked the same trail back to the water pump and started pumping once again but nothing came out apart from a trickle of water glowing in her she staggered back to the tree with the tiny piece of water. “What the, everything’s blurry “said Zahra. She dropped her bowl and plummeted to the ground. But as she fell a piece of sweat ran down her face and landed on the floor near her tree but it was to late Zahra was unconscious agaist her tree. Higher and higher her tree grew. But Zahra was not there to see it.By Alistair o-w

Zarah and the magical tree

As the leaves fell gently to the scorching sand of the African Desert a girl called Zahra stared longingly at the slowly dying tree. Zahra was looking at the tree from her village a small distance from the tree. The sun was at its highest and was soaking up all of the delicate moisture from the roots of the tree. This tree was very special for Zahra as it was the only tree in the village and indeed the only one she had ever seen, but she was sad to see it die as she knew it would be beautiful when it blossomed.“Precious” thought Zahra as she cranked the lever of the villages’ water pump she collected water with her bowl and scampered towards the tree. When she arrived at the tree she poured the water onto the roots of the fading tree. Zahra ran back and forth from the water pump to the tree but still… nothing happened. Suddenly the water pump stopped producing water so Zahra took the tiny drop of water that was in her bowl and took it along the sizzling sandy path roasting her delicate feet with every step she took. She trudged along the path edging closer and closer to the tree. The sweltering sun sizzled towards Zahra as she proceeded along the path. She looked at the ground and her vision went blurry. As she looked up she dropped the pit. The pot hit the ground and as quick as a lightning bolt she hit the arid ground with a BANG!!! A bead of sweat plummeted from her roasted head and hit the ground. She lay against the tree.The tiny drop of moisture was soaked up by the roots sun of band the tree started to blossom.  The tree grew and began to grow and turn the colour of a magical purple and the leaves and blossom where all sorts of vibrant colours which covered all of the branches the tree was made up of. As the tree continued to blossom flowers started to surround the magical tree. It finally finished blossoming and it amazingly adjusted itself to give Zahra some shade from the scorching sun of Africa. Although she dried the pump from water she provided the village with the most beautiful tree that has ever existed.By Cameron.W

zara and the dying tree

The blazing sun sizzled towards the tree. When Zara, the little girl, saw that the tree was dying she ran to get some water. Zara went back and forth   from the pump to the tree. Finally she ran back and she tried to get some water. But there was not enough water there. (One delicate shimmering drop tiptoed into the pot).Then as slow as a snail she went back to the tree because she was so tired. She found when she looked to the ground it was so bleary she dropped the pot and fell onto the floor. All of a sudden a tiny drop of sweat fell off her head and went to the roots of the tree and a massive light burst out of the tree and the tree grew bigger. It only lasted for a couple of minutes and then turned it’s trunk to shade Zara because she cared about the tree. By lily. A