Basket Ball success

This week five pupils from Redbridge class represented the school in the annual inter-schools basketball tournament.  Kiki, Lerryn, Rowan, Jack and Lewis played 6 matches in total, winning all but 2.  It was incredibly close and they lost on basket difference and came second overall.  Excellent teamwork from all five was evident along with determination and strategic thinking, well done!



This week we ended our Planet earth topic with a day out at Marwell Zoo.  Despite the rain we had a fascinating day and learnt loads about penguins, did you know that the Humbolt penguin lives on the southwest coast of South America and are one of the few birds to not have hollow bones.

For most of us the highlight was watching the antics of the macaques chasing each other and enjoying the brief spell when the rain stopped.

At the end of the day we had a thoughtful discussion on the purpose of zoos and the morality of keeping animals in captivity.  What do you think?

Award winning writers

The last two weeks has seen two more members of our class being selected for the 100 word challenge showcase.

faith’s super writing that was inspired by a picture of a group of stranded boats can be found here.

And Cara has been selected for the second time, her super writing can be read here.  She has to include the phrase ….the noise was so loud…..

Congratulations  to both girls.  Do take time to visit and leave them comments.

Performing at the O2!

Wow!!! The atmosphere was awesome, It was the best day of our lives. As we walked into the O2 we could feel the excitement of over 7000 children building; this was Young Voices 2017.

After an afternoon rehearsing the lights went down, everyone screamed and shouted and the concert began. We danced to Justin Timberlake, we danced with a funky groove, we danced all night!   During the evening, we enjoyed the amazing opportunity to sing along with a live band, musicians, professional singers and dancers. It was a mind blowing, once in a life time, experience.

Young Voices

Years 5 and 6 are really excited that our day in London to perform at the O2 is finally here.  After months of learning the songs and dance routines we performed a few of our favourites to the rest of the school on Friday afternoon.  I think everyone enjoyed ‘For Those About to Rock’ almost as much as we did! This week we will be performing all of the songs along with 6000 other pupils and our finale will be a short performance for parents next Friday.


A super writer

Many congratulations to Cara for winning the 100wc showcase this week.  What a great start to the new year!  We had to write a story using 100 words containing the phrase “….I looked in front and behind….”

The people who nominated Cara thought that her writing felt as though there could be a part 2 which would give the reader answers about the characters and events.   Take a look and see if you agree with them.  Don’t forget to leave Cara a message.

The Bengal Tiger


In our literacy we have been developing our skills of creating cohesion within a paragraph by using adverbials and pronouns.

Lerryn’s writing about the life cycle of a Bengal tiger does exactly that.  Leave her a message to let her know your thoughts.

A Bengal tiger has their own territory and will only leave when it is ready to mate.  A female, when ready to have young, will be more vocal and her scent will change.  They will only leave their territory when wanting to mate with another.

A female tiger will have her young in her womb for four months.  Eventually, she will give birth to a litter of four to six cubs.  When born cubs are blind, weak and helpless and they are totally dependent on their mother’s milk.  Between birth and leaving the mother wil teache them to hunt, fight and mark their territory.  At the age of three they will leave their parents and will find their own territory.


Cinema Trip

On Tuesday 22nd November, at one o’clock year 3-6 took a trip down the high street to the town hall. At the town hall we were watching a film, but nobody knew what the film was. When we got there the film was announced, and was called ‘All Stars.’ It was about some children creating a dance group and funding a concert to save the garage, which is a building that you can go to after school and make friends. I thought it was a really good film and I recommend it to you.

Do you ever go to the cinema with your school?

by Kiki


Residentials are where  you go for school trips but you stay there overnight. At our school,  in year 3 we get to camp at school for a night on the school field. We sleep 2 or 3 in a tent. In year 4 we sleep at Oxenwood for 2 nights and do hikes and have hot chocolate! At the start of year 5 we go to Calshot for 3 nights where we do sailing, tower building, rock climbing and kayaking. Later on in year 6 we go to Wales for a week and do caving, water falling, canoeing, rock climbing and hiking up mountains. My favourite activity is caving because we got to fit through small gaps the size of a postbox! We also all got to work as a team and help each over. Do you go on any residentials with your school?