100wc Holly

Suddenly I was able to see again. It was the most wonderful sight I had ever seen the water was rushing down the slippery mossy stones. There was a tree hanging over the crystal clear lake and the leaves were slowly falling from the trees branches and drifting away in the waters current.

I could hear the water from the waterfall splashing into the river and the birds in the sky singing. There were little sized stones blocking the river making little waterfalls in the river. I could smell the fresh water from the river. The mist was gathering together above the scene.


2 thoughts on “100wc Holly

  1. Holly,

    Wow – what a lovely description of the river and waterfalls. You have written an excellent 100 word challenge and I can visualise the water!

    You have made great use of the prompt and your grammer is very good.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this, you should be proud of your creative writing skills.

    Team 100 WC (UK).

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