My Neighborhood by Beau

I live in Andover in the south of England. I am approximately seventy miles from London.

The area I live in is normally quite noisy, but not too busy. The area was only built about  4-6 years ago, so the area is still rather new. I am not near any rivers or big woodlands.

There is a small park about twenty minutes walk from my house; we don’t often go to it. We have many shops about ten minutes drive away from my house, but we almost never use them.

Near my house there is a really long and wide path where you can cycle because it’s normally empty and barely used.

I don’t really like the area in which I live: there is barely any wildlife,  can’t go out anywhere to play and I’m not even allowed to go to my friends house who lives only about 5 minutes walk away from my house. I want to go there but I’m never allowed to do anything in my neighborhood it’s really very boring.

By Beau.




Where I live By James

I live in Stockbridge in England in the south.The area I live in is quite quiet but there’s a lot of people who come to visit.

There is a lot of country side for example rivers, marshes and fields which are all great for exploring. Also Stockbridge is very famous for fishing for trout mainly and many other species.

I often enjoy playing rugby on the marsh because there’s a lot of range to kick and throw the rugby ball. Also I like walking by the rivers because once I saw an otter so you don’t know what you are going to see in Stockbridge. Also I like catching fish like trout.

If I could change anything it would be less people coming to visit Stockbridge because I don’t like lots of people in one place because there’s going to be traffic and waiting for a long time at a busy queue and there’s not really anything else I would change.

Where I live by : R.W

I live in a little village on the outskirts of Stockbridge /which is in the south of England approximately 70 miles away from London.

The area that I live in is quiet but has a lot of cars come up and down the hill. When I look out my window I see cows in the field and when I look out my front window I see an odd dear and rabbits running in the field even q fox once. I like running, playing and walking my dogs in the fields.

I often go down to the local river and walk along side it. I also like going to the park down the road as it only takes 5-10 minuets to walk there;there is:a climbing fram,football goal,swings,slide,flying fox (zip line),swings and a basketball and netball nets and benches for the parents.

If I could change anything it is a farm closer so i can help out there, a hospital so i can work in it and have a local swimming pool for all the people who live near by.


By R.W

Where I Live By J.Mc

I live in a village in England. My village is just outside of Winchester.                                              The area is quite quiet, but everyday you can hear birds twittering in the trees.You can sometimes hear the traffic from Andover going to Winchester. There are quite a lot of hills in my village because we keep cows in them and we have a field for growing wine grapes. Also in our village we have a dairy where we keep cows and harvest their milk!                                               I like to walk down to the park and take photographs of wildlife. Sometimes at night me and my family go for a walk around the dairy and around the lodges, but where I live  we have a lot of tractors so we have to be very careful.

In the park there are only four swings and a big field to in. There is also a small woods where we can build dens and play games. Across the road from the park there is a shop; they sell almost anything.

If I could change anything about my village I would add more things to the park so it makes people more active. I would also add more tracks along the fields so we can go to different places instead of going to the same place.



Where I live by J.S

I live in a small village on the outskirts of Andover, which is about 40 minutes from Southampton. It’s located beside a river, which is at the bottom of my garden.

The area I live in is very quiet and still, this is because it’s in the middle of the countryside. The only thing I can you can hear is the wildlife rustling in the bushes. From my house you can see a forest and the river; various greens spread across the view. Lots of my friends live nearby, so I can play with them, there is a very big park, which accompanies it. There is an obstacle course and a football goal and my friends and I can play football: I often go on my bike. My neighbours have a big, bouncy trampoline, which I spend half my life on, I love it.

If I could change anything it would be that there needs to be more things to do, because in Winter and Spring there is nothing to do because it’s raining all the time. I do really like it though, soon I’m moving, to Andover, which is about 10 minutes away, so I can still see my friends! My new house looks really cool, we’re moving because we’re only renting the house, and we want a house of our own.

where I Live By Cara

I live in Stockbridge which is at the heart of the Test valley.It is a village which is a couple of miles away from Andover .

In Stockbridge there is a school that I go to,Its a bissy place.Stockbridge is a very bissy place when all the old cars come to Stocbridge every Sunday.

If I could change anything I would change my house so it was bigger.

Where I live by Holly

The area I live in is fairly quiet and not very busy. Opposite my house is a basketball court and a couple minutes away is a park. Just of the camp is a woodland walk which leads all the way to Stockbridge. It is a peaceful area and a nice place to live. After 1 or 2 minutes walking there is a community centre where I do dance and something called youth club which is where we play lots of games.
If I had to change one thing about my area I would prefer not to have a main road next to my house because when I am sleeping with the window open I can hear all of the traffic.

Where I live: By H.D

I live in a small village, on the outskirts of Andover. It’s in the south of Britain, and a few miles     from the town of Stockbridge, population 600.

we can see, out of our window, not many cars going past, but lots of houses surround lots of land. When you come out of your house you can see a huge cliff and when you go up a hill you walk along the cliff and pet some horses. There are is also a great view of all of the houses when you look out of your window. It has lots of parks where I live because there are about 14 kids on my part of the land and all of them are about 10.

My favourite thing to do is to go on my trampoline with my friends because we are all very heavy and when we jump we go miles into the air. I also like going to the park with my friends because we play really fun games.

If I could change any-thing I would change the size of the parks because they are very small and only 8 year old’s and under are allowed to on the: swings,that go very high; The Round About, that makes me dizzy and the slide, which is slippy.

By H.D

We’re I live by fc

I live in a town called Andover in the south of England.It is a busy town with Lots of houses roads and shops. I Like living near to the shops my favourite are the Book shops and the toy shop.It is noisy because of the busy road. If i could improve anything i would make it quiteter.