This week year 6 spent the morning at Sam’s church in Winchester where we joined pupils from other schools to learn more about the Easter story.  We met people in character who told us more about events after the resurrection.  We learnt about the rituals around the temple and how the Pharisee would only allow us in once we had had our hands and feet washed and purchased an animal to offer for sacrifice.  We also learnt about the Passover and the significance of the food that is shared.



The unknown force – 100 wc by Morgan

The sheer terror was enough to drive anyone insane. I knew this, but I was determined to get away from the murderous unknown force. Speeding down the driveway I grabbed my bicycle and pedaled as fast as my legs would go. That “thing” had killed my family in cold blood, and now it was after me. I slowed down, took the phone from my pocket and frantically began to dial my aunt, I was just about to call when the connection broke. The ominous raspy breath slid across my neck, accompanied by the words “It’s your turn now”. They laughed


“I’m in,” he whispered. A quiet, “good man” came from the phone in a voice that was cheery but cold. He kept on wriggling until he came to a crossroad in the vents. “Now,”  instructed the voice, ”turn right and keep on going until you see the opening.” After a couple of minutes he saw the opening and told his accomplice on the phone. “OK,” the voice replied “Now, watch out for the-” the man was about to warn him of something when the connection broke. He sprang out of the vents, his hands darting for his top pocket where his gun rested but it was too late. They were waiting for him…


A 100 word challenge by Beau.

Chambers By H.D

When the connection broke a huge clump of rock plummeted into the cavern below. All she could hear was the crashing rubble impacting the soaked earth below. Why was it soaked though? When she went down it was a bone-chilling discovery. Blood. It had soaked the ground like an ocean of dye. When she turned around she saw people, weird people. All of a sudden she knew she was in danger.


disaster strikes os

When the connection broke, the wild crowd suddenly shut up.There was no movement from any one.There was a sudden rumbling sound, the ground started to shake,everyone was screaming for help as the stadium started to Collapse. Everyone was running out or going to nearest shelter.The rugby players were falling all over the place,they were twisting and turning trying to miss everything from hitting them.all that was left was a dirty and crumbled building. every help team possible there was were scrambling in every direction,there was only a few survivors.

100wc by Holy

When the connection broke sadness struck the air as the plane disappeared into the clouds of the night sky. She stood there thinking of all the happy memories of the past. All the laughing and playing in the summer in amongst the vibrant coloured flowers, but now her soul was sinking into what felt like quick sand. Salty tears ran down her cheeks as if they were running away from a demon inside her body. Escaping into the puddle which lay beside her. She stood and gazed up to the night sky and wondered if the certain somebody would come back.

Sport Relief Bike Ride

Today we went on a bike ride for Sport Relief.  We cycled to Horsebridge and back which was a total of just less than 7 miles.  We were great at keeping each other going and supporting each other.  We also very much appreciated the biscuits that Miss T had squirrelled away in her rucksack to share with everyone at the half way point.

Football tournament – By Sean

Yesterday in football in my opinion was freezing but an awesome memory for us.
Out of 7 teams, we came 3rd.
We lost two games, and drew 1 game. And 4th year in a row!!! ……………….
Broughton came first.
You would think that they were in year 9 or 10 because they were so tall compared to us!!!.

(The team layout)

Jack in goal, Jonty in CAM = Center attacking midfield.
Harley CM = Center midfield. Rowan in RB = right back defence.
And then Lewis in RW = Right wing.
And then me … I was LB = Left back defence.

But other than that it was so fun!!!


At the dead of night, the perilous guns shot violently. I could hear the them, they were roaring like lions. The rubble beneath me shattered, as if there was an earth quake, but it was the bombs. I started to run, because I heard yell, the soldiers saw me and blasted their guns at me. I surrendered before I died and they took me somewhere unknown. I opened my eyes and saw a sullen, barricaded camp, it was covered in sharp, rusty barbed wire. The metal fence was all ragged and looked like it was scribbled on a rough blackboard. Was I staying here ? The majestic doors hung above me as the truck rode in, I was thrown ferociously onto the floor. I needed to escape this terrible place, it was torture.

12 years later…

The guard strolled in to give me the rotten grub, that I was getting served here. he fell for my trap, a wire was on the floor and when you trip over it gas spluttered out of the ventilation pipe, it was a genius. The food smashed onto the floor and he tripped, when he fell on the floor I stole his uniform and wore it myself, i went in to the head quarters and put on my best German accent, ” I want to go on my summer break and be substituted for Bart Wansuartz, he’s been delayed for 3 months.”

Rice Cooking

Yesterday on the 16th of March we cooked and made our on rice and rice recipes! Everyone had a different approach to it. I was attempting to make a sort of Mexican chilli rice. I called it ” The Mexican Chilli Combo Rice.” I think my recipe I made was ok but I evidently was not a very good chef. Everything was burnt. The kidney beans, were burnt. The onion, was burnt. The garlic, was burnt and everything tasted like charcoal except for my ham and rice. The rice tasted ok but the ham tasted UNDERcooked instead of over cooked! I’m not sure I should try cooking again! 🙁