Little Red Riding Hood end of year play by georgia 9.7.14

This year our end of school play is Red Riding Hood.The play characters are Red Riding Hood,Granny,Three little pigs,Wolf,Sniffy,Bad animals and Good animals.We put up the stage so the next day we can rehearse on it.It has one set of steps on one side and another set on the other side.The bad animals where black and the good animals where brown,white and grey.


the last day of school before

On the 23rd of July our school will breack up for the summer hoilday but we had to say good bye to year 6 ( george w, george M, harrison and Cameron) , tilly Mr and MRS talory and Mrs Norman and schoolwill finish at 1pm.


We have to check on the chickens very frequently to make sure they have enough food water and are happy with their home.The chicks have grown very quickly. They do not normally like seed they much prefere some lovely juicy lettuce from our pollytunnel. If you give any to them they charge at the lettuce and nab it out of your right out of your hand!The chicks are very cute and we love them very much.
By Beau

Dr Frankenstein

The phone rang and I cautiously answered it. It was crazy Dr Crazy ordering me to go to the lab. I was unsure but curious so I headed there to find out why I was needed.
As I walked into the darkness I could just about see Frankenstein lying on the bed. Shivers ran down my arms.
The lights flickered on and there, in front of me, stood Dr Crazy. In his hands were a knife and fork, “I want to eat your brains!” he yelled.
“Please let me live,” I pleaded, “give me one more day!”
“I’m afraid it’s the last one,” he said.
I screamed in horror.


Giga Bowser

Just then Mario whacked Bowser with his hammer and Bowser was defeated! But Kamek waved her magic wand and then Bowser started rising up again but also became massive! He was giga Bowser!
“How will we defeat him now!??” exclaimed Mario.Toad pulled a mega mushroom out of his pocket and answered “With this, but im afraid its the last one.” Mario took it and gobbled it all up! A couple of minutes later Mario became giant and prepared to jump on Bowser! Mario took a run up and “THWAK” he landed on Bowsers head! Ever since then they never heard from Bowser again!
By Beau

Lasers by J.Mc

My heart pounded as I entered the room. I wondered if I would make it out with the most points. It was my birthday. My friends came for my party. It was loud and dark at first. But I noticed it got brighter. Lasers were shone everywhere. We got split up in half and set off into the forest. I had ten team mates. We started running. The forest seemed alive as like a human was breathing in my ear. The wind was howling like a storm was brewing up. I heard a voice whispering in my ear. It was…

the other world


As Lola walked into the bedroom she fell onto the bed, a few minutes later the loud waving waves in her picture slowly took her straight into another world. She suddenly found herself in a mountainous then she found her brothers and her sister. 2 Hours later they were in a place and it was called Narnia. They walked into Narnia were there was a forest they looked around then walked straight into the forest. The forest seemed alive as the screaming noises from the bang shot them dead in the court of the tall palace. They saw now-one after that……..

sudden death (by a cat) – morgan

I was running for my life as the giant animal called sneaker chased after me. Sneaker was a colossal cat once born in a small country side she had lived in the barn with her mother for twelve weeks. Sneakers was the feeblest kitten in her litter, she had two strong handsome brothers but they were ripped away from the family at the age of six weeks old. All sneakers wanted was someone to play with. The forest seemed alive as a zoo with sounds as I zoomed my face beaded with sweat I yelled to myself I will not become a cats toy but sneakers was fast and she caught up she jumped up and landed in front I skidded to a halt…

the creepy forest by Alex m

Tom was running through the forest as quickly as he could, he was a playing it with his friend Hugo and he was it! Tom kept on running until he was out of sight, then he stopped, “paint, paint” painted Tom. He looked back at the view of sight; all he could see was the dark forest trees, suddenly the forest seemed alive as a ghostly horror place! “Hugo, Hugo “echoed Tom “help, help “echoed Tom again. But nothing happened “hey, Tom I heard you calling me” said Hugo “AAAHHH” yelled Tom “whose there “shouted Tom” it’s just me Hugo “replied Hugo “” oh Hugo “said Tom