100 wc by gn

Suddenly I was able to see again! The darkness had gone away. The sight I saw before me was bright light which blinded me but now it was beautiful.
I saw a clear, glass-like river as the sun reflected on it. There was a glossy green tree and a shiny brown bench near the riverbank. Some mist was hanging above a tree.
As I walked around I saw lots of rivers, mountains and waterfalls. I sat down on the bench and sighed sleepily.
I soon fell asleep in the warm sun. As soon as I woke I felt a tingling from head to toe; it was time to go home.


2 thoughts on “100 wc by gn

  1. Georgia what lovely detail you put in your story. I really liked the first scene this person gets to see I can imagine this as a beautiful photograph. Great job!

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