100 wc by oliver

Suddenly I was able to see again! After all these months of darkness I could actually see light . While my eyes were adjusting to the bright light of the sun I could hear water trickling down the slimy limestone.
Just then, my eyes focused clearly and I saw an astonishing landscape! There were dazzling, multi-coloured flowers everywhere and the water was glistening in the golden sunlight . I caught sight of deer drinking out of the calm river. Birds were singing in the tree tops . I could see fruit trees! As I was starving, I ran to get some fruit.
By Oliver


3 thoughts on “100 wc by oliver

  1. Dear Oliver,
    Welcome to 100WC. You have used many adjectives to describe what you were able to see. I can picture everything you saw and what a beautiful way to use the prompt words. I especially like the ‘dazzling, mulitcoloured flowers.’ I like writers who use descriptive words so the reader knows exactly what they are trying to say. Keep writing and keep entering 100 word challenge, we need writers like you.

  2. Hi Oliver,

    I enjoyed your story immensely! You used adjectives effectively, so I could easily picture the scene you were painting with your words. Well done!

    I also like the way you included the sense of sound (“birds were singing in the treetops”) to mirror how the character feels about being able to see again. That’s a very nice touch.

    Keep writing!
    Jilanne (team 100)

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