100 word challenge
2014 7th of October
Suddenly I was able to see again. After all these years in the darkness ,I finally stepped into the light.I had found my paradise!
A shallow lake,fish jumping up and down.So quiet,such calmness,it was so peaceful!
Rose and Lilac dancing in the sunshine.Besides all this there was a small waterfall with a silent yet beautiful river at he bottom.In the distance I saw a mountain with a light blanket of snow at its peak.
White cliffs on the side of my paradise island,I wish this moment could last forever but it was time to go.


One thought on “Beau

  1. What a lovely take on the prompt Beau.

    You have used some fantastic sentences openers, conjunctions and punctuation to engage your reader and keep them hooked. I love the sentence ‘After all these years in the darkness, I finally stepped into the light.’

    Nest time you write, try to use some complex sentences to develop your ideas further.

    Keep writing,
    Miss Gray

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