arron 100wc

Suddenly was able to see again! It was a miracle from the lord. At that very minute I saw mount Nikki
i. Then I realised it was my destiny to climb it, but how?

After a couple of days I gathered the equipment I needed. A rope, boots, warm clothes and a camera. I stared at the sun rise my destination the peak. It was dangerous and crazy but I did not give up. I stopped at a cave to eat and rest.

I was about five yards away but I tripped and lost my rope. I took a leap. I made it to the peak. It was stunning!


One thought on “arron 100wc

  1. Hi Arron,
    Well done. I love the varying length of your sentences and your use of paragraphs. I’d be interested to read more of your story.
    Sally Anderson Team 100WC

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