By Alex 100 wc

Dear Mum and Dear
I’m in France in the western front its very tough out here, the artillery guns are very loud and violent they keep on trashing the trenches. One night a bomb hit are trench and sand bags blocked the entrance and we were trapped until the morning when somebody found us. Allied troops are coming on the 17th today is the 16th of Nov. I sure it will be much easier when they come, its 1916 it’s the battle of the Somme. All of them are dead, my friend’s all gone into heaven I am the only one left. Please remember me.
From Sydney .J Lovelock


2 thoughts on “By Alex 100 wc

  1. This is super, Alex. You show a really good subject knowledge and I like the way you have written it from one of the names on our village war memorial, what a lively touch.

    Miss T

  2. Hi Alex!
    I really like your writing, especially when you had some alliteration, trashing the trenches. Next time try to check your writing because then you would’ve noticed the mistake at the beginning!
    I like your work! From Jennifer 🙂

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