remember me by beau

Dear Mother,
If I am to die in this horrible war, never forget me. I died for a good cause; I protected England and fought for lives; I was never bad. I have gone through absolute chaos and destruction; nowhere to go. I can’t run away from such horror. This place has a stench of rotten bodies, all buried in the mud. The rats here are as big as cats and the lice are always in your clothes. We all have to sleep in these conditions and we all hate it. Everything is very unfamiliar to me here so please remember me no matter where you are.
With lots of love,
Earnest Ruffell.


2 thoughts on “remember me by beau

  1. Choosing to write using a name from our village war memorial is a really thoughtful touch. You have tried hard to capture the feelings of being at war during world war 1.

    Miss T

  2. Wow! This was an amazing piece, and it felt very real as I was reviewing it. You did well appealing to many of my senses as the reader. Keep up the GREAT work!

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