By Freya 100wc

The poppies in London
When I saw the poppies I was so upset because I remembered all the people who died in World War One. The Tower of London was covered in poppies. There were thousands of them – about 3500 poppies roughly. There were some coming over you and some coming out the window of the Tower. It was amazing! I don’t know if any of the soldiers had shellshock. Shellshock is when the Germans threw a bomb and soldiers lay on the floor shaking because they were so frightened. I’m really proud of the British soldiers because they helped to save our country.


2 thoughts on “By Freya 100wc

  1. I think this is so informative and brilliant in the way it has so much emotion in it, lovely work.

  2. Freya, I am very envious of you having visited the poppies. They are such a beautiful and thought provoking way of remembering those who died in the war.

    Miss T

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